Contacting Camp Leaders

Your Profile Stage

If you're reading this guidebook, it means your Camp Leaders profile should be at 100%. If it's not, you may have skipped a few steps but that's ok, we trust you.


So far we've given you loads of information, whether it’s been at a prep day, over emails, a phone call or even at events, but here are a few more things to think about before heading out to camp.


It can also be used as a point of reference at camp should you need our help with anything.

Before Flying To The States

If you have a general question before you head to the states then it may be best to email your customer service team or give us a call.

In The States

Once you've landed in the states then you may need to contact the Camp Leaders US team. 

Camp Leaders Helpline

You can contact our US Office from 9am - 5pm EST, Monday to Friday.

Our helpline number is FREE from a landline:               

1- 866 - 803 - 7643

From May 1st until September 21st you can contact our US office 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, if:

  • You have been fired
  • You have a legal emergency
  • There has been an emergency at home
  • You are involved in a medical emergency

Please don't call outside of office hours for questions of a routine nature which can wait until the next business day. This number is for emergencies only. 

Please note - If a problem occurs, resist the temptation to immediately phone your parents. They are in a different time zone and won’t be able to help, so talk to us.