J1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program

J1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program

By working at camp this summer, you are taking part in a cultural exchange program. 

Camp Leaders works in partnership with Cultural Homestay International (CHI) a US Department of State approved sponsor company based in San Rafael, California. Your J-1 Visa is a special type of temporary/seasonal visa that allows you to work on a sponsored program in the USA, in your case working at a Summer Camp.

Camp Leaders also works with United Studies, another US Department of State approved visa sponsor based in Hot Sprints, Akansas.

The cultural exchange program was set up some 60 years ago by the US Department of State to promote the USA as a diverse and accepting nation, wishing to share their culture with young people throughout the world.

Camp Leaders visa sponsors partner are:

Cultural Homestay international (CHI)

255 West End Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901

Phone - 1-800-432-4643

United Studies Student Exchange (USSE)

100 Ridgeway St, Suite 1A, Hot Springs, AR 71901

Phone - 1-800-869-8585

Phone - 1-888-812-3208 (Emergencies)