Getting Around America

Planes, trains and automobiles

Everything you need to know about getting around America


This is probably the most cost-effective way of travelling in the USA. Greyhound Buses are a long-standing and well known national company and travel to most of the major cities, with comfy seats, air conditioning and sometimes even WiFi, but there are hundreds of other great companies that run a more regional service. Despite the cheap cost of buses, America is a big place and they can often be slow, so if you’re up on cash and down on time, consider another option.


The national rail company is AMTRAK. Trains are very efficient and clean, and provide a more comfortable, if a little more expensive ride than buses. They operate service to and from most of the major cities. Just like anywhere else, you should book in advance for cheaper fares, but if you need to buy on the day, you should find an AMTRAK service kiosk at the station.


Flying is obviously the quickest form of transport while in America and internal flights are often very reasonable, but you can also find some great deals if you do a little digging.



You are permitted to drive in the USA as long as you have a full and valid drivers' license in your home country.

Car Rental

Most of the well-known rental companies will require you to hold a credit card, and be at least 25 years old. Some may accept younger drivers, but it will probably be more expensive.

Buying a Car

Buying a scrappy American motor, travelling the country and selling it off at the end of your trip sums up the ultimate American tour, but there are a few things to consider before parting with your cash. Firstly, be careful what you buy and who you buy from - it is best to have the car checked out professionally before committing yourself. Secondly, consider added costs, such as insurance and fuel costs – America is an enormous country to drive through and filling up often will really hammer your wallet. Finally, do you actually need to buy a car? There are plenty of other options available and selling it at the end of your trip may not be as easy as what you may think.